Jet Masters - Eagle Ranch

Eagle Ranch is one of Georgia's largest children's programs designed to help make life better for children and families going through a crisis. Eagle Ranch's integrated approach is built on proven principles that models home life, emphasizes education, and incorporates multi-faceted counseling.

Located in Flowery Branch, Georgia, Eagle Ranch's 310-acre rural campus includes 10 homes for nearly 70 boys and girls.

Jet Masters - Jeb Greenstone

JET Masters is a bimonthly web series focusing on the amazing stories from talented craftsmen and organizations from a broad range of industries.

The show will follow a varied group of relatable machinists, metalworkers, fabricators, woodworkers, and specialized artisans as they share their individual stories of pursuing their dreams.

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Full Metal Rehab

Full Metal Rehab

Season 1

Full Metal Rehab takes recycling metal to the next level; rebuilding, restoring, and reusing metal that other shops deem unworthy. This is where creativity meets ingenuity and scavenger hunt meets build show. Featuring hosts T.C. Carver, custom hot rod specialist, and Dan'elle Free, experienced metal fabricator and drag racer.

Starring: TC Carver, Dan'elle Free, Jeb Greenstone
Available to watch on supported devices.

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